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Fifth Harmony

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Genuine. Family oriented. And young. Like, really young.

The girls of Fifth Harmony – Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Hansen, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui – range in age from 17 to 21, and they are already world famous.

They didn’t always plan to have this life though. According to the girls, only Ally and Normani have been working at this career since childhood. The other three, say they never thought they could achieve this level of stardom.

Probably because they come from humble beginnings, but that’s the point of these talent-based shows right? To find America’s next biggest star – or stars, as it were.



Aubrey Peeples

Any actress hopes that, someday, they will be part of a project that becomes a reference point for future work, makes the ‘best of’ lists and defines their generation.

One could argue that Aubrey Peeples has already accomplished that.

A native Floridian, Aubrey grew up as a self-proclaimed theater rat, and started doing film work at the age of 11. Today, she is a multi-talented, intelligent and motivated young actress, evidenced by her already thorough resume, and the fact that she deferred Harvard to work on her acting career. But she is also modest, saying, “I feel silly bragging about myself.”



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On the outside, she’s a badass, 1940’s pin-up model, the object of all girls’ envy, and the girl all the guys want to date.  But beneath all that, she is a sincere, down-home, mid-west American sweetheart.

Growing up in Seward, Nebraska ­— population 6,946 — in a conservative Christian family, Amy Heidemann’s upbringing was sheltered and exposed to traditional ideals. But her mother, a teacher, and her father, a salesman, gave Amy a healthy appreciation for music. When her mother found Amy on the family piano playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by ear without any instruction, she promptly signed Amy up for piano lessons — which Amy says, she hated. “I did that for eight years. I suffered through it,” Amy remembers.   (more…)

Midnight Red

Video Credit: Midnight Red’s Official YouTube Channel

Midnight Red is not your average boy band.

Joey Diggs Jr., Anthony Ladao, Eric Secharia, Thomas Augusto and Colton Rudloff may come from different corners of the country, but unlike most boy bands, the guys created their group on their own.

Anthony, who is from Seattle, and Eric, who is from Burbank, Calif., met through a manufactured boy band that didn’t pan out. “But we fell in love with the whole boy band brotherhood thing, and we wanted to keep it going,” Anthony says. The guys called up Thomas (from Dallas) who Eric knew from a project they both had done called Making Menudo, an MTV show that aimed to revitalize the Latin boy band. The three of them then found Joey (from Los Angeles) through a producer they had worked with, and Colton (Buffalo, N.Y.) through YouTube. (more…)

Old Man Markley

Video Credit: Old Man Markley Official YouTube Channel

No matter the size of the venue, Old Man Markley never fails to deliver. Their first ever show was at a bar in Pasadena, California to a standing room only audience. The bar ran out of beer, and the band brought down the house.

When people hear the concept of Old Man Markley’s sound they usually respond with a confused: ‘huh?’

But integrating the backyard nostalgia of bluegrass and the rowdy romp of punk, Old Man Markley have found the happy medium between banjo and badass.

The band started in the Southern California living room of band members Johnny Carey, Ryan Markley, and Annie DeTemple in mid-2007, and has since, travelled the world in support of it’s music.

Nowadays, through touring and the internet, they are bringing the music they started in the family room to audiences all around the world. Their fusion of bluegrass roots and punk energy sounds like country music on speed, and is largely a result of the creative backgrounds of their band members. (more…)