We Came As Romans

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What’s unique about We Came As Romans is not necessarily that they are a metal core band spreading the power of love and positivity.

What’s unique about We Came As Romans is that that has been their mission since the formation of the band in 2008, and through lineup changes, signing to labels and management, and the creation of two EPs and three albums, that message has remained their motivation.



Lily Kershaw

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Lily Kershaw may be only 22, but her music sounds like a lifetime of experiences. Her debut album, “Midnight In the Garden,” is a 13-track long record that explores death and heartbreak through winding melodies and breathy, yet commanding vocals, similar to the sounds of Anna Nalick or Amy Stroup.

Likenesses aside, Lily keeps an air of uniqueness about her album. Some of that individuality assuredly comes from her bi-coastal upbringing. Born in Los Angeles, Lily spent a chunk of time in her formative years living on the Upper West Side in New York City before eventually moving back to the west coast.


Aloud – Record Review

It’s Got to Be Now

Boston, MA

(Mother West Records)

“Powerpop, jam-band with killer vocals”

Their fourth album, which dropped the first of April, is a great example of the evolution of this kickass quartet. Aloud has a fun, unique sound that is reminiscent of the days of yore. From their dynamic vocalists, to their jam-band instrumentals, this band is a great listen all day.

Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa, who both play guitar and co-front the band, sound like they were made to sing together. Each offers the perfect balance for the other, and from the opening song to the title track, they perfectly showcase their vocal prowess.

Meanwhile, their instrumentation is impeccable. A perfect balance of grungy, gritty bass from Charles Murphy, crisp guitars licks and rhythmic drums from Frank Hegyi, the album offers and air of indie alt-rock, with a sprinkling of power pop.

“A Little Bit Low,” highlight’s de la Osa’s pipes, and general badassness with her soaring vocals over a rugged, instrumental. The album rounds out with the clear instrumentals, combined with Beguiristain smooth vocals on “The Ballad of Emily Jane” leave nothing to be desired.

With a powerpop, jam-band vibe, Aloud is perfect for lovers of bands like Dr. Dog, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Alabama Shakes.


Produced by Charles Newman, Benny Grotto, and Aloud
Recorded live at Mad Oak Studios in Boston, MA

All songs written by de la Osa/Beguiristain • Music arranged and performed by Aloud



Alexandra Lane


Leon Thomas

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The first time that Leon Thomas was recognized because of his career, he thought he was being mugged.

“I was on the train in NY. And up until that point, if someone was staring at me for a long time, I thought they were trying to mug me. So this guy kept staring at me the whole train ride. So I was getting my fists ready, getting my moves ready, just in case he made a move.

So he walks up to me, and I’m like ‘its about to go down’, and he’s like ‘my daughter loves your show. Can I take a picture with you?’

I was just like ‘whoa! This is crazy!’ It was a life changing moment,“ Leon said.


Little Bombs

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Pulling from ’90s heavy-hitters like the Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies, the gents of New York City’s Little Bombs are creating music that is refreshingly familiar.

If you are anything like me, listening to music from the early/mid-’90s puts you right back in the back seat of your parent’s car as a kid. Singing along to the mumbling of one of the many grunge-gods of the era, the whole world was right outside, and the possibilities were endless. The music had meaning, and every song had a message. For many millenials, Little Bombs will sound like a ’90s childhood, except now, for 20-somethings, the lyrics will resonate. (more…)

UMass Professors Help Revolutionize Adhesive World

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Within their respective labs and offices on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus, Professor of Biology Duncan Irschick, and Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering Al Crosby have been quietly creating.

The pair, along with a team of graduate and post-doctoral students, has developed a material that has taken the science world by storm, and, they hope, is one that will revolutionize the adhesive world. This material, called Geckskin, has the thickness of a credit card and the pliability of soft rubber. It can stick to any smooth surface, and a piece of just four square inches can hold up to 700 pounds. With its reusable quality, ability to assume heavy loads, and use of dry adhesion, the product will be usable in everyday scenarios as well as in the health and industry sectors. Earlier this year, Team Geckskin was named by CNN Money as one of the top five science breakthroughs of 2012. (more…)

The Rooks Band


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From the funky beats of The Roots, to the vocal prowess of Stevie Wonder, to the fierceness of Queen Bey, New York’s indie-soul sextet The Rooks are a perfect combination of all the right things.

Garth Taylor (Vocalist), Louis Russo (Bass), Gabe Gordon (keyboard/piano), Nate Mondschein (Drums), Spencer Hattendorf (Sax) and Graham Richman (Guitar) all met at Wesleyan University as undergraduates. After years of running in the same social circles, and overlapping into various musical endeavors, the guys formed The Rooks in late 2011. They recorded a brief set of studio singles in early 2012, and just released their first EP this past summer.

Now, they are living in NYC as “salaried humans,” said Taylor, with legitimate jobs as teachers, lawyers, and something that Taylor and Mondschein are unclear on, but agree is some form of “financial sorcery” and trying to make this music thing happen. (more…)

The New Classic

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If you ask the guys of alt-rock band The New Classic what they sound like, they might say their music is “a cross between Fergie and Jesus.” Though they are joking – they’re far from Fergalicious and they’re not turning water into wine – they have found something uniquely their own.

The New Classic are a relatively new development – the band formed in March of this year. Vocalist Matt Graham and guitarist Alfonzo “Fonz” Montiel, who are both 21, met in high school. “I sort of serenaded him at lunch one day with an acoustic guitar and ever since then, he and I have been pretty much buddies,” Matt says.

Pretty much buddies, but not always band mates. It wasn’t until the idea of The New Classic came around last year, that the guys decided to join forces. (more…)


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On the outside, she’s a badass, 1940’s pin-up model, the object of all girls’ envy, and the girl all the guys want to date.  But beneath all that, she is a sincere, down-home, mid-west American sweetheart.

Growing up in Seward, Nebraska ­— population 6,946 — in a conservative Christian family, Amy Heidemann’s upbringing was sheltered and exposed to traditional ideals. But her mother, a teacher, and her father, a salesman, gave Amy a healthy appreciation for music. When her mother found Amy on the family piano playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by ear without any instruction, she promptly signed Amy up for piano lessons — which Amy says, she hated. “I did that for eight years. I suffered through it,” Amy remembers.   (more…)

Jacuzzi Boys

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They sound how a warm summer night feels.

Maybe that’s because the Jacuzzi Boys are a trio from Miami. Or maybe its because when Gabriel Alcala, Diego Monasterios, and Danny Gonzales get together, its all fuzzy, pop/synth and good vibes. Whatever it is, the guys have bottled the magic of partying until the sun comes up, good friends and good times with their sound. Having come together in 2007, the boys Jacuzzi have been creating, touring, partying, (repeat) for the better part of the last six years. (more…)