Month: August 2014

Clean Bandit

Video Credit: Clean Bandit Official YouTube Channel

They juxtapose.

There’s really no other way to explain it. They are just the complete opposite from what you would expect from a classically trained quartet that creates innovative and thoughtful music for a living.

Get to know the lady and gents of Clean Bandit via social media or their hugely popular music videos and you would think they were a bit outrageous, artsy, chic and prone to show a little skin. You wouldn’t be totally wrong, but in person, Grace Chatto, Neil Amin-and Luke and Jack Patterson are quiet, humble and, seemingly, a little shy.

The four of them came together while at Cambridge University in England. Grace and Neil had known each other before school, from when they were kids playing in orchestras — she plays the cello and he, the violin.