Month: October 2013

The New Classic

 Video Credit: TheNewClassicVEVO Official YouTube Channel 

If you ask the guys of alt-rock band The New Classic what they sound like, they might say their music is “a cross between Fergie and Jesus.” Though they are joking – they’re far from Fergalicious and they’re not turning water into wine – they have found something uniquely their own.

The New Classic are a relatively new development – the band formed in March of this year. Vocalist Matt Graham and guitarist Alfonzo “Fonz” Montiel, who are both 21, met in high school. “I sort of serenaded him at lunch one day with an acoustic guitar and ever since then, he and I have been pretty much buddies,” Matt says.

Pretty much buddies, but not always band mates. It wasn’t until the idea of The New Classic came around last year, that the guys decided to join forces. (more…)