Tour Stop: NoHo

At the heart of the five colleges in Western Massachusetts is the city of Northampton. A quaint, but buzzing city, Northampton is a taste of a big city in an otherwise rural part of the Commonwealth. It’s history is preserved in some of the iconic local landmarks, while the downtown district is designed to captivate and entertain both visitors and locals. NoHo’s location offers travellers the opportunity to hike one of the Seven Sister Mountains nearby, and enjoy a night of drinks and entertainment, all within a four mile radius. Known as being a cultural hub, Northampton is the perfect environment for any artist. With it’s prime location just two hours from Boston, and three hours from New York City, this city is an often-overlooked tour stop must, for any group on a North East leg. 

**A Version of this article was published by Performer Magazine in September of 2013 which can be found here


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