Month: May 2013


Video Credit: Lydia’s Official YouTube Channel 

Lydia front man Leighton Antelman seems right at home when he takes the stage at Brighton Music Hall in Boston in bare feet.

Each band member takes steps on stage, illuminated by the golden hue of hanging string lights, they take their place. As they settle in, Leighton turns to the audience and flashes a grin. Just when the crowd’s excited energy seems like it might implode, the house music cuts out, and Lydia starts their hour-long mix of new tracks and fan favorites.

Originating from the unlikely hub of Gilbert, Arizona, where the music scene is primarily metal, Lydia emerged in 2003 as something fresh – Lydia are a little bit indie-rock and a little bit pop. When they first started out, the Arizona music scene was “basically all screamo, hardcore stuff,” says Leighton. But he says that coming into themselves in that area inevitably helped them because they “We were one of the only bands that wasn’t screaming at people.” (more…)


Old Man Markley

Video Credit: Old Man Markley Official YouTube Channel

No matter the size of the venue, Old Man Markley never fails to deliver. Their first ever show was at a bar in Pasadena, California to a standing room only audience. The bar ran out of beer, and the band brought down the house.

When people hear the concept of Old Man Markley’s sound they usually respond with a confused: ‘huh?’

But integrating the backyard nostalgia of bluegrass and the rowdy romp of punk, Old Man Markley have found the happy medium between banjo and badass.

The band started in the Southern California living room of band members Johnny Carey, Ryan Markley, and Annie DeTemple in mid-2007, and has since, travelled the world in support of it’s music.

Nowadays, through touring and the internet, they are bringing the music they started in the family room to audiences all around the world. Their fusion of bluegrass roots and punk energy sounds like country music on speed, and is largely a result of the creative backgrounds of their band members. (more…)