Boston News Section: November ’12

Rock N’ Roll Rumble

By Alexandra Lane

Anngelle Wood is a need-to-know name if you are an independent artist from New England. Wood hosts the aptly named radio show ‘Boston Emissions’ whose sole purpose is to expose independent artists that hail from the Boston and New England area. She is also the mastermind behind the line-up for the annual Rock N’ Rumble independent artist showcase in Boston.

‘The Rumble,’ as its known locally, was established in 1979 as a ‘battle of the bands’ for the bands of greater Boston. Originally co-hosted by WBCN and local radio-music show Boston Emissions, The Rumble is now hosted solely by Boston Emissions following the reorganization of the Boston radio stations and the elimination of WBCN. Over the years, the location, format, and hosts have changed, but the purpose has remained the same: to expose and support independent artists from the North East.

Boston Emissions and its hostess Anngelle Wood are gearing up for the 2013 Rock N’ Roll Rumble, which will be held in April. As an artist, there are a few key qualifications in order to be eligible to play ‘The Rumble.’ Artists must send music in to, and be played on Boston Emissions, they should be actively playing their area, and have new music out within the last calendar year. The more air time, the better the chances of an artist being invited to compete.

If you, or your band are ready to rumble, submit your music to Anngelle Wood at or:

Anngelle Wood
Boston Emissions // CBS Radio Boston
83 Leo Birmingham Parkway
Boston, MA 02135

OR follow on Twitter @rocknrollrumble

OR on Facebook at

Studio Profile: 1876 Recording Studio

By Alexandra Lane

With a name that reveals the buildings age, and an owner whose business model is secrecy, 1876 Recording Studio is an experience in itself. Guitarist/Head Engineer/Owner Chris McLaughlin has transformed a former Mason Temple turned Movie Theater into one of the coolest, least advertised recording studios around Greater Boston.

Following a record deal and tour with his own band Aberdeen City which fizzled out around 2006, McLaughlin began looking for a new practice and recording space for himself when he discovered the space that is now 1876.  With a live room that is a whopping 50x50x30, there is plenty of space to get the creative juices flowing.

The location of the studio is never published, and all business comes from word of mouth, creating an air of mystery and exclusiveness. Boasting a client roster that includes both local and national bands, adopting the sort of secret society of the building’s previous inhabitants has clearly paid off.

Between the mystery and hidden stories within the building itself, and the musicianship and talent of it’s owner, 1876 Recording Studio is a must try for any band who is looking for an unique experience and a jam space.

Contact: For booking info and any questions please send an email to:

**A Version of these spotlights were published in the Boston News section of Performer Magazine in November of 2012


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