Black Marble Spotlight

By Alexandra Lane

Ty Kube and Chris Stewart, the gents that create the synth inspired, Brooklyn based duo Black Marble, never thought they would be in a band together. Or at all.

The pair has only been playing together for a year, but has been good friends for the better part of a decade. Meeting by chance at a bar in the Lower East Side, Kube, who hails from Denver, CO and Stewart, from Woodbridge, VA became fast friends because of their mutual passion for the arts. A friendship, which developed into a musical partnership somewhat unexpectedly, because Kube says “Chris has never really done music before, I have only been in one other band, the fact that we are in a band together is kind of surprising…but good.”

Regardless of their inexperience in the industry, the duo is doing something right. The band signed with independent artist label Hardly Art before they had even played a show. Found by their demos on SoundCloud, Black Marble was able to release an EP and LP under the Hardly Art label within a few months because Stewart says “The EP that they put out, we re-did it, but honestly it was already ready to go. They had wanted to put out what we had on GarageBand.”

The quality of the music that the band has released online can perhaps be attributed to the groups initial songwriter Chris Stewart who said of his writing process “I try not to be constrained by what would or would not be possible to do live. My goal is just to write a good song.”

The group’s sound is defined by synthesizers, drum machines and keyboards, and the writing process is “a lot of trial and error” says Stewart. When it comes to their live shows, “A lot of our songs, when we play them live, don’t sound exactly the same as what is on the album,” Kube says, because “we sort of figure out, once the song is done, how we are actually going to play it live.”

Black Marble is ready to bring their synth-punk sound on the road, and is planning dates both domestically and abroad for the near future.

** A Version of this Spotlight was featured in Performer Magazine in November of 2012. The online publication can be found here:

** Image courtesy of Black Marble’s Bandcamp page:


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