Oh Honey

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Stingers are not something you usually want to get close to. But a lot of the time, in order to get to the good stuff, you have to learn to live with the things that can hurt you.

If it wasn’t for that logic, we may not have honey – or Oh Honey, for that matter.

For Mitchy Collins (26) and Danielle Bouchard (25), taking the hardships in life, and learning how to let them make you better is exactly what their message is about.

‘Oh Honey’ was the perfect name for a group that was meant to have stick-to-your-ribs good vibes – not to mention, it’s the name of one of his favorite episodes of the hit CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.




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Talking to Calvin Philley on a Sunday afternoon in early October was a little bit like a therapy session between perfect strangers.

I’ve never met Philley. But the 22-years-old, who lives in Louisville and makes ends meet by bartending each night, sounds familiar. He works so he can play, and his ideas and sentiments are shared between millions of Millennials around the globe.

But Philley is also unique. He is the front man for the popular post-punk quartet, Xerxes, which has had a few incarnations since its genesis in 2009.



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If it’s true that a name has the power to shape a person’s identity and personality, then Valerie Poxleitner – also known as the electro-pop star LIGHTS – and her rock star husband, Beau Bokan, are in for one hell of a ride.

Nine months ago, the couple welcomed a daughter that they named Rocket. Rocket Wild.

While that name may be prophetic for some crazy teen years, it is also pretty indicative of life for the Bokan’s these days.

Two and a half years ago, LIGHTS was preparing for marriage, gearing up to release her second album, and figuring out the balance between touring and married life.

A lot has changed in the past two years.


How Wu-Tang & Suburban Rebellion Inspired Umass’ Beatspill Radio Show

2012-02-04 23.18.36

WMUA is housed in the back corner in the dingy basement of UMass Amherst’s campus center. Walk into this tiny studio, and chances are that you will find students busy putting together the latest and greatest playlists in all genres. Over the past few years, Miles Powell and John Holowitz have clocked a lot of time in this spot, co-creating the Beatspill radio show.

Beatspill, which started as a hip-hop blog, was the brain baby of four friends who met in high school and learned to love the genre as they got into college life. The guys were late bloomers to the hip-hop fandom, which shouldn’t be all too surprising considering they are middle class white kids from the suburbs of Boston.

“I grew up listening to all oldies music,” Powell says. “To the extent where I had such a stereotypical attitude of [hip-hop] music… I would be going to basketball games, and I’d be jamming out to the Bee Gees.”


Alex & Sierra

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They do almost everything on a whim, and they owe everything to a rubber ducky shower curtain.

Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton have skyrocketed to fame after their debut on the hit talent show The X Factor just last year as the laidback, indie duo Alex & Sierra. In the past 12 months, the couple have written, recorded, released and toured supporting their own music.

The pair, now 23, have also been dating for the better part of 5 years, which was part of their story that stole America’s hearts and ears on the show.


Fifth Harmony

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Genuine. Family oriented. And young. Like, really young.

The girls of Fifth Harmony – Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Hansen, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui – range in age from 17 to 21, and they are already world famous.

They didn’t always plan to have this life though. According to the girls, only Ally and Normani have been working at this career since childhood. The other three, say they never thought they could achieve this level of stardom.

Probably because they come from humble beginnings, but that’s the point of these talent-based shows right? To find America’s next biggest star – or stars, as it were.



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Go big or go home seems to be the motto of the rebirthed Yellowcard.

The band, which had their genesis in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, has come a long way in 17 years. They have experienced the influence of 13 different members – all at different times, created 11 studio albums, and performed literally thousands of shows.

Their first record Midget Tossing (1997) was an exhibition of the inspiration various bands in the hardcore punk scene. When We Stand (1999) brought with it a change in lineup and an inevitable change of sound for the group. Because of the drastic shift in the direction of the group, they also lost a lot of their initial fan base, and following this record were essentially forced to start from the ground up. Then in 2001, the group released One For The Kids their third studio album, which built on the sound of their previous release with more experimentation into lyrics and melody.


Clean Bandit

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They juxtapose.

There’s really no other way to explain it. They are just the complete opposite from what you would expect from a classically trained quartet that creates innovative and thoughtful music for a living.

Get to know the lady and gents of Clean Bandit via social media or their hugely popular music videos and you would think they were a bit outrageous, artsy, chic and prone to show a little skin. You wouldn’t be totally wrong, but in person, Grace Chatto, Neil Amin-and Luke and Jack Patterson are quiet, humble and, seemingly, a little shy.

The four of them came together while at Cambridge University in England. Grace and Neil had known each other before school, from when they were kids playing in orchestras — she plays the cello and he, the violin.


Aubrey Peeples

Any actress hopes that, someday, they will be part of a project that becomes a reference point for future work, makes the ‘best of’ lists and defines their generation.

One could argue that Aubrey Peeples has already accomplished that.

A native Floridian, Aubrey grew up as a self-proclaimed theater rat, and started doing film work at the age of 11. Today, she is a multi-talented, intelligent and motivated young actress, evidenced by her already thorough resume, and the fact that she deferred Harvard to work on her acting career. But she is also modest, saying, “I feel silly bragging about myself.”


Cassie Steele

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In talking to Cassie, you begin to understand that though they aren’t the same person, she and her Degrassi: The Next Generation character Manny Santos, are a lot alike.

They are straight shooters, tenacious, sarcastic, inspired, caring, and a little dark. They even share similar interests, and a tendency towards creativity and performance.

Cassie was born in Toronto, Ontario to a Filipino mother, and British father. As a kid, she recalls being quirky, and a little unpredictable. “I think I was just a little weird kid. I just really weirded people out,” says Cassie.  “I was really outgoing, and loud, and said a lot of inappropriate things.” Her knack for grabbing attention caused her parents to suggest creative outlets for Cassie to explore. “My dad thought it was good that I go to improve, or theater, and meet other weird kids,” she says. “And I did it, and it was awesome, and I did meet other weird kids.”